9 10 2010

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Jan Is Cooking

7 07 2010

Hi friends 🙂 I’ve been very busy with FoodBuzz and my food blog lately. Cooking is somewhat an expensive hobby (and unhealthy too if not moderated) but it suddenly gave meaning to my blogging. I miss the interaction I have with my readers. And that’s something I’ve really enjoyed with Warlock Nation and am enjoying now with I Love. Therefore, I Cook.

Here are the recipes I posted while I’m away here in Yada and some of you might be eager to try on something new, so check my food blog out please 🙂

I also did a restaurant review for C2 or Classic Cuisine and an informative post on what a Ceviche is 🙂

I’ll be there most of the time but I will drop by from time to time to check up on you 😛

Take care!

Menu for Mom’s Birthday

3 07 2010

After painstakingly planning for two nights in a row, and after preparing for two nights prior to that for my BFF’s lunch, I was able to come up with my menu for Mom’s birthday on July 10.

  • Appetizer: Ecuadorian Shrimp Ceviche
  • Salad: My take on Cyma’s Roka Salata
  • Pasta: Spaghetti (for long life) with 5 Fresh Herbs and Goat Cheese
  • Entree: Simple Baked Lemon Chicken (not Kotopoulo Lemonato)
  • Drink: Agua de Sandia (watermelon with lime)
  • Dessert: Tartelette Aux Fruit (mini fruit tarts)
  • Coffee: Kapeng Barako with Muscovado sugar blocks
  • Afternoon Tea: Earl Grey and assorted pastries

I don’t know if I should take out the pasta and afternoon tea and just serve a baked pasta dish for merienda.

Need more fine-tuning on this one but at least I now have a fair idea of what I’ll come up with.

So tired now. Goodnight!

Turning Foodie

3 07 2010

Hell yeah! 🙂 Been two days since I joined FoodBuzz and it’s been awesome! If you want to see what I’ve been cooking, you can go check me out at FoodBuzz or visit my food blog I Love. Therefore, I Cook.

Remember, if Yan can cook, so CAN YOU!

Never too late to start cooking. For family. For friends. For fun 😉

Hosting A Lunch

28 06 2010

Wednesday is a holiday! Hurray! 😛

I’m gonna spend it with my bestest friends ever 🙂 Hubby, La Gretta, Claudine and Charles are coming over for lunch and I’m gonna prepare a 4-course informal lunch plus mini-afternoon tea party 😛

Keep you posted after Wednesday! 🙂

Cafe Abuelita

27 06 2010

Every time I go to Batangas on weekends, I would always want to try out a restaurant not only because I want to blog about it but because I want to be able to experience how much Batangueños have evolved when it comes to food. Last Saturday, dad ordered merienda to welcome us :P (that’s one thing I like about going home.. mum and dad always prepares something for us). He got pancit and chicken from Wa Nam. Those from Batangas would remember that Wa Nam was known for their pancit, lumpiang Shanghai and fried chicken. This is not to say that things are still the same but still, the pancit and chicken merienda brought back fun childhood memories :)

Anyhow, going back to the topic, I saw this Cafe Abuelita tarpaulin outside SM City Batangas and as always, we followed the signs. It led us to Fil Oil, a gasoline station in Gulod just after the Bridge of Promise if you’re coming from Alangilan, or before the bridge if you’re coming from SM City like us. It’s a mini-Spanish bistro that does not go heavy into the Spanish cuisine. The menu, I’d say, is a little confused because there’s just too many off-Spanish dishes going on. Nevertheless, we enjoyed lunch because everything was prepared spot on. The dishes were simple but since they were cooked on the spot, they were served hot and just in time.

sorry the menu is a bit glossy 😦

small cozy interior

more tables and chairs outside

This one is from Cafe Abuelita’s FaceBook page:

Cafe Abuelita is a Spanish-inspired café which offers a rustic yet homey ambience. It boasts of its one of a kind list of Spanish coffee, including its very own Cafe Cortado (Espresso with a little bit of cream), Cafe Negro (black coffee), Café Carajillo (spiked coffee) and Cappuccino. It also offers its very own recipe for Bocadillos (sandwiches), Batangas Adobo, Crepes, Hot Chocolate and home-made Gelatto.

Cafe Abuelita is a fusion of Filipino and Spanish influences of Batangas and presents its rich and diverse culture. The café offers its unique recipe of classic Batangueno culinary delight while showcasing a gallery of one of the city’s most influential personalities in the field of arts, Rosie Ilustre. The gallery depicts the life story of our abuelita, as well as her legacy insofar as the Batangueno culture is concerned.

My folks and hubby got the “silogs”:

tocino with egg
tapa with egg
boneless bangus with egg

I, on the other hand, ordered Batangas chicken caldereta with pasta :)

This is not to say that the chicken caldereta is bad. But… I like the beef caldereta pasta of A&M better. The chicken caldereta would have went well with rice. For pasta though, specifically spaghetti, beef works well. It’s worth a try though because the caldereta is really flavorful and I love the olives.

Aside from soda and bottled water, we also got the following drinks:

dalandan juice
iced cafe mocha

The drinks are refreshing although I was hoping they won’t be that sweet. The good thing though is that the cook was very willing to adjust everything for us :) She fixed the drinks to temper the sweetness :)

I just have to say that they have the sweetest cook/waitress. Yup, our lunch was a one-woman show. There’s five of us with different orders and she managed to handle everything gracefully :) I forgot to ask her name so you could look for her when you go there. Daymn :P

So there ya go. That’s another Batangas restaurant for you try. I know it’s impossible to try all the restaurants in Batangas in one go. There are just way too many good ones out there. However, I would really suggest that you try them all.

Cafe Abuelita is in FilOil Gas Station, Gulod, Batangas City. You can email them at cafeabuelita@yahoo.com for inquiries. And if you have a FaceBook account, learn more by joining Cafe Abuelita’s group :)

*originally posted in my Taga-Batangas blog.

Re Plan 1

26 06 2010