The Trouble With “Thella” Is…

19 02 2010

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I am not liking my skin these past few weeks. It must be because I’ve been putting too much makeup on for the last month or so. My skin is not used to it because I was just a simple powder-blusher-lip tint kind of girl. Or maybe because of work. Or maybe I’ve just been carrying too much negative burden within me about work, life, people, etc. Bottomline is, it is something that I want out of my system. I need to be radiant and glowing again ๐Ÿ˜›

I need to regain the good old positivity within me but it’s so hard to do that. It’s not something that will happen in a click of a button. I gotta do some inner-searching… some form ofย  a self-check of the negatives that weigh me down. And I came up with this list:


  • She plans and loves to start something she can’t finish. The books and dvd’s she bought one hundred years ago are still untouched. Her cross-stitch project only has the halo shaped/stitched out of her angel pattern. She changed blogs more than an average girl bats her eyelash in front of her crush.
  • She is very very impatient and throws temper tantrums. When her helper does not fix her baon in the morning, she would start a litany of curses on her way to the office that would make her hubby watch in awe at how come his angelic-faced wife can curse like a good ol’ sailor. When her internet goes off in the middle of her playing World of Warcraft, she would pound on the nearest thing to her right hand, i.e., cell phone, modem, room freshener, journal, camera, stapler, headset, rubbing alcohol bottle, etc.
  • She is a snob and likes to bitch around. If you are not her friend and are not friendly to her, she probably hates you.
  • She over-analyzes things and is very good at it. She could have put it to good use if only she serves CIA or NASA or a business tycoon or whatever.ย  But being good with over-analyzing things in her otherwise ordinary simple life in Manila/Batangas only makes her look like a psychotic.
  • She is often caught daydreaming about living the swanky life of the rich and famous. That’s not so bad, isn’t it? Yeah, unless when she ends up (and this is frequent) resenting her choice of career, or that her birthday always falls on a weekend so she doesn’t get a usual chance to celebrate it in school, or that she was born on a Wednesday and it has some cosmic relation to luck. Or bad luck.
  • She can’t control her excitement and animated show of emotions. In short, she just can’t keep her mouth shut. And her wallet in place. Poor wallet.
  • As between pork and veggies, she’ll pick pork. Pork is fun.
  • As between hopping on her stepper and blogging, she’ll choose to blog. Lucky you. You got something to read ๐Ÿ˜›
  • She gets overly affected by the unfair things that are going on around her. She sees how poor the street children are but easily gets annoyed by the thought that they shouldn’t be in the streets anyways. She has a concept that the unfair deserve to be treated unfairly and the oppressed should be protected. She gets defensive. Like an eye for an eye. Make that two eyes for an eye.

I think I could make this an endless list but reading through it, I am getting the feeling that I start to appear like a middle-aged woman who never had sex for the last ten years of her life and has vowed to be Ms. Ultimate Bitch of the new decade.

Enough of this self-destruction ๐Ÿ™‚ I just need some rest, a soothing back rub, and a good movie to cap the night then I’ll be positive again. In fact, I’ve been laughing and smiling a lot the past few weeks ๐Ÿ™‚ I bet you know what makes a woman happy, right? *wink*

And oh, I forgot to add something to the list:

  • She loves to exaggerate.



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21 07 2010
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