Food Trippin’ in the City of Smiles… Bacolod :)

9 03 2010

We went to Bacolod in October last year to attend the wedding of our friends D&M. We also took the opportunity to meet our friends from Pax Sepulchrum. Aside from the stuff we did and places we went to, what I really liked in Bacolod is the people and the food!

Here’s a list of the restaurants we liked. Next time you’re in Bacolod, go check them out.


The first restaurant we went to is Imay’s. It’s sort of the Gerry’s or Dencio’s equivalent in Bacolod. We ordered a lot (crispy kangkong, fried rice, sizzlingΒ  fish, mixed seafood, sisig, and boneless crispy pata) for the six of us and we only paid less than P1,500. Food is really cheap. Of all the things that we ordered, I really liked the boneless crispy pata. It’s crispy on the outside and very soft and tender in the inside πŸ˜›

Cafe Bob’s

What I admire with Bacolod people (how do you call them btw?) is that they love their own. While everyone in Manila goes crazy over Starbucks coffee, it’s a completely different scenario in Bacolod. When we were there, we saw 8 people in Starbucks, tops! But in Cafe Bob’s the whole place is full! And it’s a huge two-storey place.

We initially wanted to try their coffee, but we switched to gelato because we were welcomed by this display:

And do you want to know what they call Cafe Bob’s? STARBOB’s! πŸ˜€



If there’s Cafe Bob’s, there’s also Bob’s πŸ˜€ It’s the restaurant known for their good Sate Babi. All I can say is that their Sate Babi is really the best! I heard they opened their first Manila branch last year somewhere in Magallanes. That’s good news πŸ™‚

I also loved their fruit punch. It’s perfect this summer. Oh noes…. I’m craving for one.


If you think Mang Inasal or Bacolod Chicken Inasal has the best inasal you’ve tasted, think again! Enting’s in Mambukal has the best inasal ever! JT’s Manukan is very close to it but I heard JT’s is from Iloilo while Enting’s is proudly and uniquely from Bacolod. What made Enting’s really good is their special sauce. It’s so good, I brought back two bottles to Manila.

Do you want to know what’s even better?

Each stick of inasal costs P26.

No kidding.

It’s only twenty-six freaking pesos!



This is how much I love this place. We went to Calea which is just off the block from L’Fisher Hotel.

It’s so hard to describe how good the desserts in Calea are. I think I’ll just compare it with the dessert places we crave for in Metro Manila. This one, in my opinion, owns Becky’s Kitchen, Goodies N Sweets, Chocolat by a hundred times over, and is… well, uhm, maybe.. comparable with Miss Desserts. But with that quality of desserts and their super cheap price, my scale would really tilt in favor of Calea.

In fact, if there’s one reason why I’ll go back to Bacolod apart from seeing our friends M&D again, it would be so that I can go back to Calea. ‘Nuff said. Here are the pics.

my favorite! apple caramel cheesecake with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. can't get any better than this!

We weren’t able to go to Felicia’s due to time constraints but we were able to go to Pendy’s for their famous half-moon custard cake (too bad I didn’t take a pic) 😦 When I go back to Bacolod, I’ll also be trying out Felicia’s and discover for myself how good these desserts are:

photo from my friend Terry

photo from my friend Terry

photo from my friend Terry

photo from my friend Terry

Next time Cebu Pacific or PAL announces that they have a promo for domestic flights, grab one bound for Bacolod. It’s one heck of a foodlover’s paradise! πŸ˜€




3 responses

29 06 2010

Nakaka-miss naman ng Bacolod. I will definitely try this places you mentioned since we are going there not only for a holiday but also on a food trip. Thanks for the info here and also for the mouth-watering photos. Kaka-gutom tuloy!

1 07 2010

Hi, hope you have a nice time in Bacolod like we did. It’s a nice place and the people are all friendly. Promise you will go to Calea! πŸ˜›

2 12 2010

There’s another Bob’s opened in OPL Bldg., Dela Rosa cor Gil St., Legaspi Village, Makati.

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