FB Rule: Identify Yourself

26 02 2010

I’m not in a grumpy mode, believe me. 😛 I just want to point out some rules in Facebook that I think people are missing out on. I know, it’s a loose social environment, but hey, we ought to observe some rules too. They’re actually not rules. They’re more like etiquette? Something that’s called for else you look like someone without breeding, IMHO.

My first (not necessarily the most important) FB rule is: IDENTIFY YOURSELF

If you are from my elementary school or high school even, please do NOT expect me to remember you. Haha, this is me in my feeling-celebrity mode! 🙂 But in all honesty, how can I probably remember everyone in my school when we’re like 300+ in my batch alone? It’s unfortunate that my memory isn’t as sharp as I hope it is but I can’t even remember all my classmates! I’m not trying to be a snob. In fact, I accept ALL friend invites; PROVIDED, that I can recognize them.

So here’s my first rule. If you want me to accept your friend invite, please tell me who you are. Or at the very least, please make a picture of yourself as your profile pic. That way, I can check you and try to recall where I met or have known you.

If you invite me with ALL of your profile pics (yeah, seven of them) looking like this:

chances are, I’ll just ignore you.

I’m not interested with your super kalan. I was hoping you’d identify yourself so that at least I’ll know the person behind this invention. Besides, it’s tacky when people make use of Facebook as their tindahan. It’s not multiply dude. It’s ok if you’re already well-known and as a marketing tool, you have a fan page. But a kalan? As a profile pic? Jeebus!

So please, for my sake and for the sake of everyone else who is as bitchy as I am, IDENTIFY YOURSELF when inviting people in Facebook.

Keri? Keri!