I Got A New Point And Shoot Camera

4 02 2010

During lunch last Monday, I got a new point and shoot camera. We got three cameras lying around. First one is a Nikon film-based SLR which we don’t know how to manipulate. The second one is a Canon PowerShot A630 which we used to love but has now become too bulky for me to carry. The third one is the very affordable General Electric 12.1 megapixel A12360 digicam which I now mostly use.  I gave it as a gift to my mom but I’m actually the one who uses it.

Getting another point and shoot was not an off-the-cuff decision. See, I really wanted to upgrade my cell phone with a Samsung Innov8 but I thought it might not be a very good idea to get a cell phone mainly because of its camera functions. If its good pictures that I want, I might as well just get a handy digital camera that performs better than a cell phone camera. Hence, the decision to get a new one.

In terms of quality of pictures, the Internet pushes me to get the latest Canon PowerShot or the Panasonic Lumix DMC LX3. I looked for those when I got to Anson’s actually. By the way, I went to Anson’s beside Makati Shang. Lumix wasn’t available and my EQ is very low so I had to shift my focus to Canon. The best of the line for Canon PowerShot is so expensive that it becomes impractical to shed off that amount for another point and shoot instead of a digital SLR.

To cut this mustard short, it wasn’t really love at first sight for my new camera. But when I saw the green Canon IXUS 95 IS, I knew we’re a fit. I fell in love with the color! ANIMO! More importantly, the features are great and the camera will probably grow old with me (unless I get mad at someone or something and it’s the nearest thing to my right hand which most of the time does the pounding on the table) 😛

So here’s my new camera, I’m still thinking of a good name for it (mainly because I don’t want to type “my point and shoot camera” when referring to it in this blog over and over again).

I’ll be posting pics taken from it in my next posts. If you want to learn about the features of the Canon IXUS 95 IS, check Canon’s website.


I got this at P15,950 from Anson’s at 0% 12-months installment. That roughly translates to around P1,300 per month. Pretty cheap IMO. You can search the Internet to scout for prices and you might be directed to this EBuyStore site. You will be surprised to learn that the Canon IXUS 95 IS sells for only P8,200. But be warned, DO NOT FALL FOR IT AT ONCE.

If you’ve been to HongKong or Singapore, you probably noticed that there is a huge discrepancy in the price between a Sony digicam sold at authorized dealers stores and those sold at so-so shops. See, if there is Class A for fake shoes or bags, there are class A for fake gadgets. I’m not saying that EBuyStore sells fake. I just want you to be CAREFUL when buying these things because even if they’re not as expensive as they used to be, remember that you’re still gonna shell out a hefty sum of money for this. And we don’t want your P8,200 to go to waste by getting a fake one.

Do check out what’s included. Mine includes a 3 year warranty on parts and services. I registered it already at the Canon website and because Canon has a promo, I get to choose between a 100ml perfume or a watch or a planner. I am deciding what to get between an Ermenegildo Zena perfume for hubby or a watch for myself from Anne Klein. Yup, it’s for free 🙂

And before I end, check this review about EBuyStore, might be helpful info for some of you.